Friday, April 13, 2012


Rope Poster
I just watched Rope. I don't use this blog that much and I don't feel like writing a ton about it now, but Rope is a fascinating movie. After a few film classes, this movie stands out to me for the way it embodies (and of course there's a dead body) philosophy and theory in a way that few other movies do. The ending reminding me of Germany Year Zero, which if you've seen Germany Year Zero, you'll know it doesn't end well.

On another note, if I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow there's a panel discussion on F for Fake at UCR tomorrow an the English Departments conference.


  1. I really enjoyed Rope. It's got the technical gimmick of it looking like there are no cuts, which I think serves to add to the tension, but it's a great little look at how different what we espouse and teach philosophically can be so radically different from what we want in real life.

  2. What Paul said. Did you make it to the panel on F for Fake? If so, please 'splain.